A New Year

Yet again we welcome a new year, with new possibilities and plans. We look at what we have achieved, we think about what we want to achieve and in general do a lot of reflection. I know having a new year helps us let go of the old year and marks an ability to move on. Yet I am unsure why exactly we must do this every year and not every day.

If we treated every day like new years eve, we would constantly be assessing our direction and focus of energy. It also allows us to place things behind ourselves more easily, so that we can move on. How much lighter does the first few days of January feel compared to the last few days of December.

Maybe for us, this is a little bit easier as we are now painting the house, a physical reminder of refreshing. It is lovely to see the new colour going on, modernizing the place – but it does lead me to reflect on my motivation for updating the house colour and furniture. I could easily be grateful and content with what I have. However, the spaces have so much more potential to serve our family. I don’t want to update the place because I need to be on trend or to impress others. I want to update the house so each room invites me to rest and feel at ease. These are my internal motivators.

At new years eve, it is so normal to reflect on those motivators, the driving force for my doing. So this year I am hoping to keep remembering to reflect on those motivators. To make more space for intentional rest, especially with how easy it is to become busy. To continue to work on our home and house holistically – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

If I can keep coming back to  my place of rest, how much easier is it for me to come back to a place of reflection and focus? If I can just make small amounts of time to be still – I can make sure I am focusing on the right things, and not wasting time and energy on things that do not matter.

Yet, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I want to spend more time in community  with other people – getting to know them, sharing with them, being with them. Realistically, I am not sure how I could live without all the other people around and so hopefully this year we can focus on community as well.

It is not just us that needs to focus on living intentionally in 2015, we can also invite our children to live with intention. Hopefully we can all step forward this year as if every day is New Years Eve – and really focus on the things that matter!

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