A wise woman builds her home – Proverb

My name is EmmaJane and I am a partner and a mum to a toddler and a baby. We live in an imperfect, not quite there home. That is what makes it home and not just a house. I believe we all have a purpose. Why else would we all be so different, with so many different talents? While I don’t know your purpose, nor can I predict where my children will go, I can intentionally build a home in order that our family can fulfill their purpose (and we our purpose).

Let us talk about building homes, homes that positively impact the world. From which our family, ochildren can go and fulfill their purpose in life. Homes that create spaces to rest and find sanctuary. Homes that inspire us to learn and create. Homes that serve us and not the other way around.
We are here to talk about Home Building. Beautiful, restful, nurturing homes that enable us to live out our purpose. Home can be our Sanctuary and place of rest if we are intentional about it.

Let our home serve us as a place of authentic connection, welcoming others, as no man is an Island
An imperfect reminder of Grace and Love, a daily reminder I have everything I need,
A welcoming sanctuary, refuge and shelter, where we can find rest and be still
Inspiring us and serving us so we can live out our purpose and be Key droppers for the Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners

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